What You Need To Understand About PageRank to Improve Your SEO

PageRank is one of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites.  PageRank was one of the first algorithms created by Google, used as the foundation of search engines.  Years ago, sites with a high pagerank would appear further up the search results than sites with low pagerank.  Today, there’s less of an emphasis on PageRank, as it is only one part of the picture.

PageRank used to be calculated by looking at the number of links referring to each webpage, often known as ‘backlinks’.  These would decide what pagerank would be given.  The more high quality backlinks were pointing to the site, the higher the pagerank.

Today, Google doesn’t rely on pagerank as much – in fact, Google doesn’t actually update publicly anymore.  You might still hear people talk about it, but don’t worry about the figures – after all, it is only a small aspect of the many factors Google takes into account when assessing a website’s ranking.