Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Many people use social media as a way of keeping touch with friends and family, as well as being connected to their favourite brands and celebs.  There are many ways social media can do wonders for your online marketing campaigns too!

Firstly, the great thing about social media is that you are instantly connected with an entire network of potential customers.  It only takes one new connection to introduce you to hundreds more, and soon you’ll have a whole web of interconnecting customers.

Facebook is a great means to advertise your brand, offering paid advertising spaces from as little as £1 per week.  This gives you a chance to tailor down your audience to specific demographics, enabling you to target a whole age range, or place within the country.

Social media encourages people to share great content, so by composing interesting and relevant content on your site, and publishing it across your social media networks, you can easily generate more visitors to your site.