The Difficulties of Explaining SEO to Clients…

When you have clients coming on board who don’t know what SEO is, or understand how useful it can be, it can be frustrating to explain what the purpose of SEO is!  Here are some handy hints to help you to explain SEO to your clients.

The Basics

Before you explain SEO to your client, think about how much your client knows about the internet in general.  This can help you to know which tactics to use when explaining SEO.  The last thing you want to do is confuse matters with unfamiliar terms, or insult you client by using too simple explanations!  If your client is not familiar with the internet, terms such as “search results” and “links” might not make sense, however if your client is familar, they will probably understand these terms and you won’t need to use as many analogies.

Learning Style

Different people learn in different ways, so you should use different methods to get your point across, including discussing over the phone, setting up visual demonstrations through screen sharing and physically doing the tasks.